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CEEG Awards 2019 – Public Online Voting Phase

Please vote for your favorite companies/brands in the categories (20) seen below! 

Only 1 vote per IP per 24 hours, between 01.08 – 31.08

The top 5 most voted companies will advance to the shortlist in each category! The winners will be decided by the attending delegates of the conference in a final voting session.

The conference and awards ceremony will take place on the 24th of September in Budapest, Hungary. 


Dear friends and voters,

On 18.08.2019, we have made some changes in the voting system to make it even fairer for nominated companies in the public voting phase. The changes we implemented after a decision has been made by our team based on the feedback received and the investigations we have made in the logs and insights.

Last time we checked we are still humans, but similar to AI we are learning every second with every experience we encounter while also keeping track of patterns.

The important update to the voting system is the following:

  • Each category has received an individual landing page and you can access the categories by clicking on the buttons below this information box
  • The rule under which, you have been obligated to vote in each category in order to submit your vote has been erased.

The new voting system will avoid the patterns that were detected during the past weeks under which some of the companies in several categories were voted randomly by voters that have been accessing the page in order to vote for their favorite company in one or two particular categories. We are aware that the new system is not bulletproof and there will certainly can’t make everyone happy, but we are always relying on your feedback to make things as best as possible.

With this occassion, we would like to thank everyone, for the dedication and keep voting for your favorites!

All the best!

Team European Gaming Media and Events

PS: We said we are still humans because we can’t really know what the future will reserve us. Especially when we are meeting a cyborg/superhuman at our upcoming conference in Prague (PICANTE TECH Conference Europe).

You can select the categories in which you would like to vote by clicking on the buttons below: