Company Description

1SpinMillionaire, the brand-new innovation within the online gambling industry is here! A new type of Lottery, a brand new kind of conversion, retention and loyalty system.

This product will jackpotify your business: The idea behind 1SpinMillionaire (1SM) is very simple, and is potentially the key to its success. Within the gaming industry there exist several different kinds of Jackpots. Most of them are just connected to one game, some of them connecting games on a platform. But there is no winning-prize connecting all the different gaming content providers.
That is what 1SpinMillionaire does.
It does not matter if the user plays a slot game, makes a bet in sports, plays poker or bets on a virtual dog race: every time the user makes a bet of a fixed amount he will get a 1SM ticket for free (no extra charges). For example, if the user bets €10 on Chelsea-Tottenham or €10 on five lines in Gonzo´s Quest, he will get a 1SM ticket. If he bets €100 he will get 10 tickets. So with this one bet the customer can win an additional high-money price (up to €1m) without any additional stake.

And the best bit about 1SM is that it does not have to be only the gaming industry. It does not matter what you buy (flowers, a trip to Tesco for milk, a taxi-ride, dinner at a restaurant, travel, cinema, …) when the customer has reached €10 then he will get a 1SM ticket for free.

“Who does not want to win €1m with a ride in a taxi, by just buying flowers, play a slot game or play simple sports bets?”

1SpinMillionaire, the award winning company at EiG-Berlin 2016 and ICE-London 2017