Company Description

….As a full solution provider, we at BetConstruct offer industry-leading coverage of 30,000 live matches and 40,000+ pre‐match events each month. Deployed worldwide in retail, desktop, mobile, native iOS and Android environments, it enables an exceptionally seamless experience with dynamic odds, multiple languages and currencies, complete stats for regional and local matches, payment systems integration and live video streaming.

Striving for improvement is a never-ending process and our Sportsbook is a result of such never-ending work. Fueled by new features and improvements, it has cemented its reputation as an extremely flexible, robust, innovative and commercially viable product. It has greatly contributed to exponential growth of our company in terms of revenues, partners and employees.

From a user interface perspective, Sportsbook offers operators a number of options, including desktop, mobile web HTML5 and native apps on iOS and Android. Recently added ‘Asian view’ augmented the Classic, Modern, and Combo views to better engage with players who prefer this style of betting interface. Additionally, the ability of operators to customize the user experience they offer to their players has been enhanced with the development of the BetConstruct Swarm API. Swarm allows operators to develop completely bespoke user interfaces, while continuing to leverage the capabilities of the BetConstruct Sportsbook.

Sportsbook offers a variety of odds types including Decimal, Fractional, US, Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian. It is available in 12 languages, confirming the international character of BetConstruct’s solutions.
Betting technology

We know that every partner is unique and have built our sports betting technology to be fully customizable and flexible, allowing partners to choose their level of involvement.

While our partners are free to choose from our existing wide variety of betting markets, we also work with them to localise their content.

BetConstruct has been actively developing capabilities to enhance partner profitability. Along with such already ubiquitous player-facing facility as partial cash out, we also offer unique BetCloud, allowing partners to mitigate their risk and increase profitability and player satisfaction.

BetConstruct Sportsbook includes hugely popular System Bets Calculator that allows users to calculate the possible outcome or win of system bets of any combination.

BetConstruct Sportsbook back-office features advanced reporting functions, allowing our partners to utilise information for business intelligence purposes. The platform provides qualitative as well as quantitative data.

BetConstruct gives operators maximum autonomy, enabling them not only to choose any event they wish to offer, both for live and pre-match, but also set more competitive odds on a single match, market, sport, country or overall, by employing our greatly enhanced margin control function. They can use this for any reason, be it marketing or regulatory. For example, this enables them to be extremely competitive in their local leagues, while protecting profitability in less familiar competitions.

Importantly, the back-office provides real time liability views so that our partners are aware of their profit/loss at all times.
All these developments demonstrate an unmatched level of innovation in sports betting by BetConstruct.

In-play betting

The challenge for the betting suppliers and operators is to make certain that the data that makes in-play betting possible is precise and quick to arrive, and that the coverage is diversified, consistent and constant. We have employed cutting-edge technologies to address these issues.

Our unique sports betting solution allows BetConstruct partners to control the margins being made on the betting markets. This control is necessary for partners wishing to offer more competitive pre-match and in-running (live) odds. It is also useful in some regulated markets, where partners need to increase margins, for example, due to tax implications.

The main functions of the product include:
• Quick bet – it enables to place bets with one click setting a bet amount beforehand
• Superbet – it is a managed possibility for users to place bets that exceed maximum allowed limits
• Counter offer – it is a possibility for traders to make a counter offer to Superbets received from users
• Possibility of reviewing the odds and placing bets on events in-play (including Quick bet) and pre-match (including Quick bet and Superbet)
• Following a Live Event via Live Streaming
• Following a Live Event via Live Animation
• Following a Live Event via Live Statistics
• Using a System Bet Calculator for calculating the possible outcome from placing System bets
• Possibility of choosing from the existing views of Sportsbook for best user experience
• Possibility of choosing from the existing odds formats
• Possibility of checking game results and head-to-head statistics
• Live Multiview section for following up to 6 Live events on one page
• Playing Casino Mini Games while being on Sportsbook page

Retail betting

BetConstruct retail betting solution is equally powerful and innovative. BetConstruct offers a complete range of gaming and betting solution for physical premises with full technical support. This solution also includes Betting Shop Cashier Client, Casino Cashier Client, Self Service Betting Terminals solutions, complete with betting shop software and EPOS system.

BetConstruct has dedicated a lot of resources to the development of its Betting Terminal software, paying special attention to the User Interface. Player experience is always on top of BetConstruct’s list of priorities when designing the UI because we seek to create a layout that is visually familiar and simple to use. BetConstruct also offer options that give the operator full control over the content on the terminals.

The Self-Service Betting Terminal (SSBT) product allows BetConstruct partners to increase their omni-channel capabilities.
To improve player acquisition and marketability for our partners BetConstruct released Pocket BetShop. It is a hand-held device that allows an operator to accept bets in any location and instantly give the punter the bet slip.

Key Features of Pocket BetShop:
• Full Sportsbook offering
• Simple and fast user interface
• Location agnostic
• Instant bet placement and printing
• Instant payment of a winning bet

To ensure smooth and painless adoption of its technology, BetConstruct offers all partners its award-winning support services free of charge. All services – including account management, bookmaking, risk management and customer support – are focused on increasing partner profitability. Partners are able to reduce their operational costs by outsourcing many functions to BetConstruct and taking advantage of highly experienced BetConstruct associates.