Company Description

Colossus Bets was founded in 2012 by Bernard Marantelli and Zeljko Ranogajec. Both were experienced gamblers, who shared the view that pools betting was a sleeping giant that had been starved of innovation as other forms of gambling and betting were rapidly changing. They were also convinced that partial cash out would become a sports betting juggernaut and would ultimately invade other gaming verticals, providing unprecedented player engagement, as well as generating a new revenue stream for betting operators.

Together, they decided to create a true lottery-sized pools betting proposition based on sports, with significant guaranteed prizes for players and partial cash out throughout. Since then, we have grown rapidly, with Colossus pools now live on numerous partner sites and in the process of being integrated by many others.

Featuring top-tier European football and headlined by the weekly £5,000,000 Colossus,our B2C site, went live in August 2013. Recent innovations include FreePlay+, a free-to-play marketing interface into Colossus Pools, and Colossus Syndicates, the first crowdfunding solution for sports pools.