Company Description

We believe in the differences between nations and tailor our customers’ products to reflect that.

As a result we have all the variants of poker that have international appeal but also many that are only recognisable in certain pockets of our planet. We also have a suite of casino games that cover all the staples and yet are unique. Plus we have
the platform that binds that all into one for
the operator and the player. Everything offered we have developed ourselves.

The second thing about us that is different is we are madly in love with poker.

While many have folded their hands, we continue to double down. History tells us these games are timeless and we continue to invest and find success. Now our customers estimate our poker software being at the top end of the market fairly competing with software of the largest poker room in the Globe.
So if you want to offer consumers something that appeals to them culturally rather than offering them the same international versions as everyone else then please contact us.