Company description

Dench Core provides intuitive user management, deeply integrated sports betting and casino verticals, advanced BI instruments delivering full operational transparency and advanced analytics, well-structured payment service, while considering all the regulatory requirements towards KYC and responsible gaming.

As a separate solution, we have developed Giselle V2, product that is capturing and structuring customer data in real time, providing operators with advanced player analytics, activity and value segmentation, event driven bonus automation scenarios as well as in house developed communication tools deeply embedded in the campaign process.

The unique combination between Dench Core & Giselle V.2 on one hand simplifies basic day-to-day operational processes and on the other hand sophisticates the way operators interact, entertain and reward their players. The revolutionary way we handle customer data and translate it in actionable insights creates the perfect environment for marketing teams to anticipate, encourage and most importantly design the depositing and playing habits of their clients.