Company Description

Golden Race creates complete solutions tailored to customer needs, delivering the most unique, flexible, and cost-effective virtual betting on the market. Using innovative approaches and the power of choice for customers, Golden Race leads the virtual sports betting industry.

Golden Race produces an ever-growing suite of proven, engaging games, with complete control of all odds and limits, scheduling, and the most powerful management and reporting system around.

Every product and solution is completely multilingual, multicurrency, and white-label ready: put your compony colours, logos, and promotions in the POS and directly in-game.

Golden Race provide you Virtual Sports and Numbers Games featuring all the betting markets, real odds crafted by in-house professional bookmakers for each and every game, real voiceovers, and proven player retention devices including individual and connected jackpots.

With the lowest investment costs and unrivalled license fees and licensed under various regulatory bodies, Golden Race deliver everything you need to build success in the betting industry.