Company Description

IGT combines 30 years of betting experience from sports games within the lottery sector with 15 years of commercial bookmaking and back office functionality. The IGT Betting platform is a point of convergence from all earlier technology solutions. It is truly best-of-breed, incorporating all developments made in more than two decades of sports betting. It integrates with other IGT products, including the ES solution for retail and lottery hosts, Player Account Management (PAM), and Gate (Portal).

IGT offers the ultimate betting solution in both technology and professional services, integrating retail, online, and mobile solutions, and allowing customer and players advanced betting options.

Our extensive betting expertise covers all of the important domains:

  • Supports the range of engagement models from technology supplier (B2B) at one end of the chain, to licensed betting operator (B2C) at the other, and all steps in between.
  • Includes lotteries as well as private operators in the regulated space—both single and multiple jurisdictions.
  • Supports all betting channels and the vast majority of recognized betting products: fixed odds, parimutuel, spreads, exchange, sports, racing, virtual, numbers, etc.
  • Integrates with IGT’s PlaySpot mobile gaming solution to provide a single solution for retail, online and mobile betting. It does this through an easy-to-use mobile app that simplifies the betting process and links to casino properties’ existing systems for casino, loyalty, and retail. The mobile app provides advanced betting tools to help players find popular betting events quickly and easily, and even make in-game bets.

IGT also offers the whole spectrum of betting services, all under one consolidated operating structure, with scalable levels of service and support:

Odds setting, resulting, and settlement
Our trading department offers a full suite of betting products, both pre-live and in-running. We are capable of offering more than 70,000 pre-live events and more than 30,000 in-running events annually.

Content and risk management
IGT traders specialize in dealing with content and risk management for both World Lottery Association and commercial clients. Most of our traders each have more than 10 years of experience in these sectors. We can provide guaranteed payout levels, offering our customers a risk-free operation.

Trading support
We provide one-off or ongoing support to an existing trading team, depending on your needs and preferences.

Marketing support
IGT provides specialized marketing support. Our managers draw on a vast base of experience from our already-established operations, and combine that information with local market needs.

Market analysis, strategy, and planning
This service includes analysis of existing or emerging competitors, existing betting patterns, and of all products on the market.

Responsible gaming
We partner with international initiatives to share experiences and routines. Our own operations in Italy, Belgium, Chile, Spain, and Mexico have given us a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be adapted to any market.