Company Description

The Story of Play’n GO In the mid 90s, we were just a small group of computer geeks who made our livings as consultants to the cutting-edge corporations of the day.

We eventually realized we could pool our talents to offer companies more entertaining and reliable software and systems ourselves, so we started Play’n GO.

Our goal is simply to delight others and inspire them to have fun. This positive approach creates an upbeat, cooperative work environment and enhances our direct relationships with clients, and perhaps more importantly, our indirect relationships with their fun-seeking players through the games we create for them.

Play’n GO has grown substantially over the past two decades. Today, we have many more talented team members who share the vision to create top-notch entertainment by utilizing each other’s skills as we enjoy each other’s company to augment the innovative process. As techies at heart, we can’t help but keep abreast of the latest technology. We bring that knowledge to the table when we develop gaming solutions built for the future.

Play’n GO was the first online game developer to move into the mobile arena, and we aim to remain at the forefront. Based on our own personal experiences, we can certainly agree that complexity and technical problems can threaten a player’s enjoyment of an online game.

At Play’n GO, we therefore strive to develop failsafe games that our clients can take pride in and their game players can enjoy without hassle.

Over time, we have become industry pros at upping the entertainment while eliminating the hassle. Our clients rely on us to focus on all the vital aspects of entertainment, and to work quickly and conscientiously to deliver the market’s finest games and systems.

We are Play’n GO – The Gaming Pro!