Company Description

Snapscreen recognizes any live game on TV and helps gaming operators increase user engagement and revenue by creating instant betting opportunities.

Snapscreen is a revolutionary Image Recognition solution for TV, Sports, and Betting

Our technology detects the TV program or live televised game in a instant offering content-related information and functionality. Snapscreen works with live TV, recorded TV, DVDs, TV media archives, Netflix and others.

Snapscreen turns the camera on a mobile device into a revenue generating tool.

Technology and Coverage

Snapscreen operates a platform for partner apps and its own Snapscreen app.
All features interact with the platform and the gained user activity data is used
to continuously improve the experience and service quality.

Partners integrate Snapscreen features and technology by using Snapscreen components for iPhone/iPad, Android Phones/Tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and others. Snapscreen can even be integrated into mobile websites or Smart TVs via HTML/Javascript.


Simply take a photo of your TV screen, Snapscreen detects the program in an instant. Snapscreen’s visual search technology makes live TV ‘Snapable’. The technology can also be used for VoD and Video achives if required.

Snapscreen HTML

Snapscreen is also available in an HTML5 version. Customers who do not have a native app or want to offer a the feature to all their users, can enjoy all the benefits of Snapscreen as well. It is easy to include on a mobile ready website.

Snapscreen Platform

Snapscreen operates a technology platform for partner apps and its own Snapscreen app. This platform is designed to scale with the needs of our customers, from a few channels to hundreds of channels. As well as, from a few thousands users to millions. This allows worldwide scalability with no downtime.

Dynamic Internet Search Results

Users receive Search Results of the ‘Snapped’ program to enrich the information around the TV program in the app. The Search Results are Dynamic as they are constantly reorganized according to Click Through Rate. This feature can be integrated directly into set top boxes, mobile apps, customer’s websites and so on.

Snap and go from TV to bet in 1 second. No more scrolling or searching.

Snapscreen enabled marketing campaigns provide broad reach across multiple marketing channels including mobile adverts, twitter, sms and email.

Snapscreen makes brands stand out through innovation and a novel way for customers to engage.

Easy integration: Add Snapscreen to your apps, marketing campaigns and mobile webpages with a few lines of code.​ ​

Integrations available for HTML5, iOS and Android.

The future is now: Integrate Snapscreen into your Facebook Messenger and Chatbots.

Take advantage of our 3 month/10,000 user trial and see real world results.