Company Description

Worldpay has a long history of working closely with our merchant customers to help them prosper. We have played a pioneering role in developing technology solutions for in-store, online and mobile payments over the last 30 years.

  • 1989 – Streamline launched. The business at this point was a simple UK-based electronic payment provider that focused on point of sale transactions. In 1989, we also developed one of the first global scheme programmes with Visa and MasterCard: the Global Airline Programme.
  • 1994 – Worldpay processed for the first online shop in UK.
  • 1999 – We were the driving force behind one of the first roll-outs in the UK of the Europay Mastercard Visa technical standard for payment cards.
  • 2000 – RBS merged with NatWest.
  • 2002 – Streamline and Worldpay combined though they continued to operate as separate brands. By 2002, we were among the first internet payment aggregators. Over the next eight years, the business continued to grow organically with the acquisition of Lynk, PaymentTrust, and Bibit.
  • 2004 – Worldpay acquired Lynk, a leading POS acquirer in the US and Bibit in the Netherlands.
  • 2005 – Worldpay introduced an early pre-authorisation transaction risk-filtering feature with RiskGuardian.
  • 2010 – By 2010, Worldpay had become the largest merchant acquirer in Europe and one of the largest globally. In late 2010, RBS sold Worldpay to Bain Capital and Advent International. This allowed Worldpay to retain the benefits of our heritage, yet transform the business to become more customer-centric, entrepreneurial and innovative.
    Since becoming an independent company, we have invested over £1 billion in our business with approximately £400 million invested in technology to create a modern and sophisticated platform. Our advanced infrastructure gives our customers speed, reliability and security as well as rich and easy-to-use functionality.
    December: Worldpay acquires Cardsave, leading our outbound sales capability for UK SMEs.
  • 2011 – July: Worldpay acquired Envoy, a leading provider of alternative payment methods with a strong FX platform. Envoy gives us the technology and expertise to offer customers more than 200 alternative payment options, which means they can reach wider markets across the world.
  • 2013 – March: Worldpay acquired Yespay, which integrates point-of-sale technologies and payment gateways for medium sized merchants. Having them on board means our customers get a one-stop-shop with all services available from one provider. Yespay technology helped us to launch Worldpay Total, an integrated payments solution for SME/SMB merchants in the UK.
    June: Worldpay launched Zinc, a mobile Chip & PIN payment service that enables card payments for small businesses and mobile workers.

    September: Worldpay acquired Century Payments, Inc.. They strengthen our strategic partnership model, giving us advanced sales tools and analytics.

  • 2014 – In 2014, we brought all our businesses together under one brand Worldpay.
    April: Worldpay acquired Brazilian payment gateway company, Cobre Bem Tecnologia. With a high quality technology platform, comprehensive connections to local acquirers, and an established local team, this transaction supports our strategy of further penetrating the fast growing Latin American market.
    May: Worldpay made a strategic investment in Pazien, Inc., an innovative start-up creating products using transaction data to enable more intelligent routing, automated optimisation and reconciliation for global eCommerce merchants.
    December: Worldpay completed the acquisition of SecureNet LLC, headquartered in Austin, Texas. SecureNet brings advanced omni-channel technology along with a network of technology partners and existing merchant relationships and enhances our drive to offer the deepest and broadest range of integrated payment capabilities in the US market.
  • 2015 – October/ December – Worldpay listed shares for trading on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and became a member of the FTSE 100 index.
  • 2016 – Worldpay announced investment in ID verification start-up Veridu.
  • The future – Worldpay has an exciting pipeline of transformational products and services in pilot and development for 2016 and beyond. We are now in the final stages of creating a state-of-the art technology platform to support our growth over the long term, to enhance reliability and security, and to better serve our customers.