Ray Wilson

Ray specialises in assisting regulated sector businesses prevent money laundering and financial crime in its varying forms and has a very unique insight that is hard to find.

Ray worked for various Law Enforcement Agencies for over a decade and has been involved in multiple high end money laundering investigations. As well as having worked for several years as part of the United Kingdom’s Financial Intelligence Unit as a Financial Investigator, Ray spent much of his career working as part of the covert operations unit portraying many different roles, including the role of a high end money launderer. This unique insight into the mind of a criminal allows institutions to see the vulnerabilities and risks from a new angle. Ray advises a large number of organisations with regards to their AML/CTF compliance programmes and has lectured extensively in the UK and across Europe.


  • Successfully delivered AML training workshops to across Europe
  • Advises regulated businesses including gambling establishments on the AML/Problem Gambling risks
  • Operated in a covert capacity in various operations across the UK, portraying the role of a money launderer amongst many others
  • Involved in many high profile investigations involving trade based money laundering and sector focused laudreing
  • Advised leading organisations on the financial crime risks and vulnerabilities impacting their business
  • Leading investigator on cases that lead to over 20 arrests in high end financial crime operations
  • Advised a businesses in regards to their AML sanctions and enforcement action on best practice moving forward
  • Involved in various counter terrorism and AML Law Enforcement operations across the UK

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